The Farm

Manor farm, home of Broughton Water Buffalo, is a wild working farm situated on the rolling chalk downs of Broughton, Hampshire.

For the past 20 years we’ve been pioneering regenerative agriculture through the use of Indian water buffalo, using mob-grazing as a land management & conservation tool. Our herd produces grass fed meat & is completely invaluable in building healthy soils & enriching the farm’s biodiversity.

Across the 500 acres we manage we’ve left as much as possible to grow wild, but we’ve also given a big helping hand – planting thousands and thousands of native trees, restoring rivers, digging ponds, sowing seeding plants for winter bird food & wild flowers for insects & pollinators.

Everything we do – with Ark Buffalo & our whole farming practice – we strive to work with nature, avoiding the use of synthetic and chemical inputs to create an environment where wildlife can thrive. We work hard to keep Ark Buffalo as low impact as possible, from building with reclaimed materials to fitting compost toilets in our off grid sites.

We hope the years of work we’ve put into our farm have made our soils more resilient & the land as a whole better prepared for the climate and ecological crises that are upon us.

In these turbulent and unsettled times we’re hoping to spread our reach from soil to people – setting up Ark Buffalo to give folks the chance to recharge & reconnect with loved ones in a wild, beautiful space. Away from it all, and away from the crowds.