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Posted on 12th March 2024 by Neil

If you’re an avid hiker or history enthusiast, you may have heard of the Monarch’s Way, a long-distance walking trail that traces the escape route of King Charles II following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Spanning approximately 615 miles across England, this historic path offers a unique opportunity to explore England’s rich heritage, picturesque landscapes, and charming villages.

Nestled along the Monarch’s Way lies the tranquil haven of Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp, making it an ideal resting place for travellers embarking on this extraordinary journey.

The Monarch’s Way: A Walk Through History

The Monarch’s Way takes walkers on a journey through time, retracing the steps of King Charles II, who famously evaded capture by Parliamentarian forces after the Battle of Worcester. This escape route, taking the King from Worcester to his eventual sanctuary in France, meanders through the heart of England, offering a glimpse into a tumultuous period of British history.

The trail passes through diverse landscapes, from rolling countryside and ancient woodlands to charming villages and historic towns. Along the way, hikers can explore churches, historic battlefields, and captivating landmarks.

Rest and Recoup at Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp

Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp is situated conveniently along the Monarch’s Way, making it an excellent stopover point for those travelling along this historic trail. Here’s why you might want to select it as a place to rest and recoup:

  1. Tranquil Setting

As you make your way along the Monarch’s Way, find serenity amidst nature’s embrace at Ark Buffalo’s Kitchen Garden Yurt Camp. Nestled within the historic charm of a 200-year-old kitchen garden, this tranquil retreat offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the countryside and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.


  1. Comfortable Accommodation

After a long day of hiking, there’s nothing like a comfortable and cosy place to rest. Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp offers well-appointed yurts and shepherd’s huts, each equipped with comfortable beds and warm bedding to ensure a restful night’s sleep. It’s a welcome respite for walkers seeking refuge from the elements.


  1. Pub Grub at Your Doorstep

Experience convenience at its finest at Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp, situated just a stone’s throw away from the charming Greyhound pub serving delicious pub food. After a day of adventure, unwind with a hearty meal and refreshing drinks, all within easy reach of your cosy yurt accommodation.


  1. Campfire Evenings

Indulge in the magic of campfire evenings at Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp, where you can gather under the starlit sky and share stories with your party. With your own private kitchen hut and an endless supply of logs, create unforgettable memories while cooking delicious meals and basking in the warmth of the fire.

Embrace the Monarch’s Way Adventure

Whether you’re walking the entire length of the Monarch’s Way or exploring specific sections, Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp offers a warm and welcoming stopover point along this historic trail. Here, you can rejuvenate your body and soul, enjoy delicious home cooked meals or barbeques, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the English countryside.

Discover the Monarch’s Way, and let Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp be your refuge on this remarkable historical and scenic odyssey. Experience the magic of the trail, and rest assured that a warm welcome and a peaceful night’s sleep await you at this enchanting stopover.

The Monarch’s Way offers a unique opportunity to explore history and nature in tandem, and Ark Buffalo Yurt Camp provides the perfect place to pause and relax during your journey. As you tread in the footsteps of King Charles II, take a moment to chill out, refuel, and enjoy the beauty of the Hampshire countryside at this remarkable stop along the way.

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